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Фото: The sawmill was burning in Melnovo
10:00 16 Октября’18
There was a fire in the Melnovo village. The man, who was on duty at the railway station called 101. A few minutes later, firemen were there. 
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Фото: Brooms in the kitchen garden
11:35 12 Октября’18
The kitchen garden is a special place for Yanina Yanuk from Tushemli village. She spends most of her time there. It is clear because there are a lot of work: planting crops, caring for them, harvesting. But, as it turned out, she has not only agricultural interest and desire to have vegetales on the table. She likes to experiment in her kitchen garden! This year she’s grown ... brooms.
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Фото: The first charter to Egypt from Grodno airport.
10:03 10 Октября’18
The destination of Boeing 737-300 is a resort town - Hurghada. There are 148 passengers on board and the plane is fully loaded. 
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Фото: The temple will gather its parishioners
16:56 03 Октября’18
The rector of the Church Sergiy Tarasevich emphasizes that only due to the unshakable faith of the parishioners, their constant prayer and material contribution, the harmonious and competent work of all involved organizations of the city, district and leaders of all levels it is possible today to talk about the main event in the history of the new church - its sanctification.
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Фото: International Business Forum "Euroregion" Neman-2018
09:05 24 Сентября’18
The tenth International Business Forum "Euroregion" Neman-2018 was held in Grodno.
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