It helps relieve fatigue and aids in digestion. What properties coriander is valued for

09 Сентября’20

Baked goods, cheeses, meat dishes and even beer are made with it. Why is he so good, the correspondent of the agency "Minsk-Novosti" found out.

The greens are called cilantro and the seeds are called coriander. And both products are unique, but now let's talk about the second.

Whoever has tried Borodino bread at least once is familiar with coriander firsthand. It is the grains that are added to the bakery product to give it a unique flavor.

What else can you cook using the popular spice? Almost everything! It is put into buns and pastries, and is flavored with all kinds of sausages and cheeses. It is believed that our hero is able to improve the taste of dishes made from peas, beans, lentils and cabbage. Coriander will not spoil game and poultry dishes. It even comes in handy for drinks. So, the Germans, who love calculation and accuracy, decided to add it to their beer and they paid off.

Due to its properties, coriander does a good job of preservative. Friendly hostesses, take a note: to keep raw meat in the summer heat, sprinkle it with crushed coriander seeds. You can also add some vinegar. So your semi-finished product will last longer, and at the same time it will acquire an excellent taste after cooking.

According to experts, coriander has many beneficial properties. This spice is able to stimulate appetite and improve digestion. In pharmacology, it is used for the preparation of choleretic agents, drugs to restore liver function. Also, coriander has a wound healing effect. The essential oil from the seeds of the plant has antibacterial properties. It is recommended for relieving fatigue, irritation and nervousness.

Scientists have concluded that coriander contains trace elements such as selenium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. This means that it effectively supports the strength of our body.

In thesummerheat, a drinkmadefromcorianderwillhelpto cope withthirst. We prepare itlikethis: pour 20 g ofspicewithboilingwater (500 g) and simmer at lowboil in a closed container forabouthalfanhour. Thenweinsistfor a quarterofanhour and filter. Addsugar (to taste). After cooling, pour in grape juice (200 g). Thedrinkisready.

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