Belarus, South Korea announce contest for science and technology projects

11 Мая’20

The State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus and the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea have announced a contest of joint science and technology projects for 2020-2021, the Belarusian Science and Technology Committee told BelTA.

The contest is held in several priority areas of bilateral cooperation. They include nano and biotechnology, information and communication, aerospace, agro-industrial and industrial (industry 4.0) technologies, new materials, energy and energy-saving technologies, industrial automation and robotics, chemical, construction technologies and production, medical technology and pharmacy, as well as environmental management, resource conservation and emergency prevention.

Applications are open through 30 June 2020. The documents must contain a business plan prepared in accordance with the established procedure, written commitments of the state customer on the practical use of the results of research and development and equity participation in financing. Completed forms should be sent electronically to the Belarusian Science and Technology Committee through the Expertise information and analytical system.

The contest is held in accordance with the agreement between the governments of Belarus and the Republic of Korea on cooperation in economy, science and technology, and also the protocol of the third meeting of the joint Belarusian-Korean working group on scientific and technical cooperation of 9 April 2019.

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