In the Svisloch district, gross violations of labor protection rules caused the death of a Housing Worker

17 Августа’18

In the Svisloch district, gross violations of labor protection rules caused the death of a Housing WorkerSvisloch district Department of the Investigative Committee initiated a criminal proceedings of the violation of labor protection rules, which caused the unintentional death (part 2, article 306 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus).


It was established that on August 10, at 12 o’clock near the Gornostaevichi village (Svisloch district) as a result of falling of a depth pipe part, during the pump equipment replacement in a well, the 60-year-old Housing Worker got injuries and on August 12 he died in hospital.


Investigators with the participation of experts of the state forensic examination Committee of Grodno region examined the scene. They withdrew technical, labor protection and safety measures documentation for further studying. All the witnesses were interrogated.


As a result, it was found that during the way some workers drank alcoholic beverages. The worker’s alcohol blood content was 1.8 ppm. In addition, the work was carried out with other violations of labor protection rules. In particular, people worked without necessary documentation and they didn’t use protective helmets. What is more. there was an attempt to mislead the investigation by planting a protective helmet at the place of the tragedy.


The suspect is 40-year-old chief of the water supply and sanitation section of Svisloch RUE Housing and Public Utilities. Being responsible for ensuring the labor protection rules, he not only allowed his subordinates to work in a state of intoxication, but also was present there. Moreover, the investigators received the information that during the working day the chief drank alcohol along with his subordinates.


All the necessary investigative and procedural actions continue. The forensic medical examination is carried out.

In connection with the increasing number of workers’ deaths and injuries during their duties, the investigators ask managers to pay attention to the tightening of the requirements for observing the labor protection rules.

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