About 20% of coronavirus survivors lose antibodiesafter a couple of months, says expert

02 Ноября’20

About 15-20% of patients who have undergone coronavirus lose antibodies to itwithin a few monthsafter cure.

This wasstated by the Areg Totolyan, director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiologynamedafter Pasteur, academician of the RussianAcademy of Sciences, reports TASS.

-Approximately 15-20% of thosewho have recovered (the diseasecaused by the new coronavirus. - Approx. TASS) lose antibodies. The immune system reactedwith a smalllevel of antibodies, and after a month or twotherewas no trace of these antibodies, hesaid.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, about 38.6 million people have been infectedwith the coronavirus in the world, almost 1.11 million have died. In Russia, according to the federaloperationalheadquarters for the fightagainst coronavirus, 1,399,334 cases of infection wereregistered, 1,070,576 peoplerecovered, 24,187 died.

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