Brooms in the kitchen garden

12 Октября’18

Brooms in the kitchen gardenThe kitchen garden is a special place for Yanina Yanuk from Tushemli village. She spends most of her time there. It is clear because there are a lot of work: planting crops, caring for them, harvesting. But, as it turned out, she has not only agricultural interest and desire to have vegetales on the table. She likes to experiment in her kitchen garden! This year she’s grown ... brooms.
Once she had a thought - what I’ll have if I plant broom’s seeds. She grew seeds in a pot. They struck the woman with their quick germination. It grew faster THAN other seeds. In some days there were little bristles, that looked like ordinary grass.

If I had planted sorghum in the garden I’d have mistaken for weed, - says the woman.
Then she put it from a pot to open ground. Sorghum quickly stretched to the sun and soon the stem and leaves became like corn. However, the stem is thin as a little finger. When the plant was more than a meter (some plants have a two-meter "growth"), it showed a treasured broom.

Today sorghum is still growing in the garden. Yanina is waiting for a good aging of seeds and yellowing panicle and then she’ll start to make brooms. Surely it will not be difficult for her.

P.S. What is important - all parts of sorghum can be used. Panicles - for making brooms, seeds-for feeding cattle and poultry, and stems-for mulching beds. You can make an excellent hedge with a help of sorghum and it’ll serve as a good barrier against the wind. 

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