The temple will gather its parishioners

03 Октября’18

The temple will gather its parishionersThe rector of the Church Sergiy Tarasevich emphasizes that only due to the unshakable faith of the parishioners, their constant prayer and material contribution, the harmonious and competent work of all involved organizations of the city, district and leaders of all levels it is possible today to talk about the main event in the history of the new church - its sanctification.


Our permanent consultant - team leader Valery Osievsky explains that only finishing touches remain. It looks much BETTER than was even last year. Everything is painted in the porch, here should be made a small parapet of plasterboard in order to hide the lower pipe. Inside the church tiles are laid, heated floors are arranged in the prayer room and in the altar part. Recently, all the wooden doors that were made in Slonim have been installed. The walls in the temple are painted white. Two bathrooms, pantry, electrical switch room, the abbot's office, the choir are ready for using.



The most laborious work is the installation of the altar. Two clergymen from the Shchuchin district are responsible for that. According to the plan the altar part will have been finished by November.


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