Over 400 refugees from Ukraine receive assistance in Red Cross tent camp in Belarus

21 Марта’22

About 400 people have received assistance in a Red Cross tent camp in Bragin district, BelTA learned from the Gomel regional organization of Belarus Red Cross.

The tent camp to assist people from Ukraine who crossed the Belarusian-Ukrainian border near the village of Gdean, Bragin District was set up on 10 March. Belarus Red Cross Society employees and volunteers welcome refugees from Ukraine in a heated tent with hot meals and drinks. “We immediately offer psychological and social support, means of communication to talk to the family. ‘I'm alive! I'm in Belarus! I'm fine! I'm safe' - these are the words that refugees start a conversation with their loved ones on the phone. If necessary, we provide medical care, clothes, hygiene kits, blankets and other things," the regional organization said.

Many citizens come not only with their family but also with pets - dogs, cats, parrots. Red Cross volunteers also support animals.

"Volunteers register those who come to the tent camp and ask them about their needs. Those who have nowhere to live in Belarus are offered temporary accommodation," the regional organization explained.

People gratefully accept help. They are grateful to Belarus Red Cross and those who support the organization. On leaving the camp tent in Bragin District, people thank Belarus Red Cross: "We are very grateful for the warm welcome and all the help that we have been given here at the border. Thank you for the opportunity to call loved ones. We haven't talked to them in a while and didn't know if they were alive. You give us hope for tomorrow!"

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