Over 4.4m Belarusians fully vaccinated against COVID-19

31 Января’22

More than 5.321 million people in Belarus have got the first shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, of them over 4.447 million have been fully vaccinated, BelTA learned from the press service of the Healthcare Ministry.

The regional breakdown of people who got the second shot is as follows: over 603,200 in Brest Oblast, over 546,400 in Vitebsk Oblast, over 681,400 in Gomel Oblast, over 528,800 in Grodno Oblast, over 519,600 in Mogilev Oblast, over 583,000 in Minsk Oblast, and more than 882,400 in the city of Minsk.

More than 102,400 employees of various organizations and departments have been fully vaccinated so far.

Over 32,100 teenagers aged from 12 to 17 have received one shot of the vaccine.

Thus, 56.9% of the population of the Republic of Belarus has received one dose of the vaccine, 47.6% has been fully vaccinated, the Healthcare Ministry informed.

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