Belarus plans to make up for loss of Western markets by exporting more to Russia

20 Июня’22

There are plans to make up for the closure of Western markets by increased supplies to Russia, Andrei Yarotsky, First Deputy Director General - Director for Economy and Finance at the Amkodor holding company, said on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA informs.

Recently, delegations from Russian regions have been visiting Belarus almost every week. High-level talks are taking place at enterprises and in the regions.

“We have already hosted delegations from Murmansk, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Bryansk. The schedule is very busy. Today we see that the closure of Western markets will be compensated by increased supplies to the Russian Federation,” Andrei Yarotsky said.

The Bobruisk garment factory Slavyanka is not afraid of the sanctions either. In January-May 2022, the company increased its export by 13%. This was achieved due to increased supplies to the Russian market.

“A lot of Russian delegations visit our enterprise. The delegation of Leningrad Oblast has recently studied our school clothing assortment and discussed new orders. Such contacts will help us grow our production and, most importantly, fulfill all our targets,” Director of the Slavyanka company Teimuraz Bochorishvili said.

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