8.5m tonnes of grain harvested in Belarus

21 Октября’20

Belarusian agricultural workers have harvested 8.5 million tonnes of grain, BelTA learned from the updates posted by the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 21 October, a total of 8,506 million tonnes of grain was harvested in the country, with the average yield of 37.7 centners per hectare (33.7 centners per hectare in 2019). Minsk Oblast harvested 2.1 million tonnes of grain, Grodno Oblast cropped more than 1.6 million tonnes, Brest Oblast over 1.4 million tonnes, Mogilev Oblast more than 1.1 million tonnes, Vitebsk Oblast and Gomel Oblast more than 1 million tonnes.

Maize has been harvested on the area of 919,400 hectares, or 75.4% of the plan. Belarus harvested 854,400 hectares of maize for silage and fodder (85% of the plan) and gathered 20.29 million tonnes of grass feed with the yield at 237.5 centners per hectare. Harvesting of maize for grain is underway and is 30.4% complete: 65,000 hectares were harvested, with 446,700 tonnes threshed.

Potatoes were harvested on the area of 24,300 hectares or 96.8% of the plan. Some 691,100 tonnes of potatoes were cropped (the yield – 284.3 centners per hectare). Some 2.231 million tonnes of sugar beets were harvested on the area of 48,600 hectares (or 59% of land under this crop). The yield is 458.9 centners per hectare with the sugar content at 16.16%. As far as other vegetables are concerned, 104,300 tonnes of vegetables were harvested on the area of 4,590 hectares (76.5% of the plan). The yield was 227.5 centners per hectare.

Some 13.481 million tonnes of haylage (107%) and 17.376 million tonnes of silage (90.6%) were stocked. Plans are in place to procure 9.3 million tonnes of fodder units of grass feed, most of them in Minsk Oblast and Brest Oblast. By this time, 96% of the plan has been fulfilled.

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