International Business Forum "Euroregion" Neman-2018

24 Сентября’18

International Business Forum "Euroregion" Neman-2018The tenth International Business Forum "Euroregion" Neman-2018 was held in Grodno.

A lot of different countries arrived in Grodno to take part in this "Euroregion" Neman. There were representatives of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, some foreign investors, businessmen - about 450 participants from 15 countries. Svisloch was represented by a delegation consisting of the chairman of the district executive committee Vladimir Onishchik, his deputy Oksana Sheiko, the chief specialist of the economy department of the district executive committee Victor Matysik, the chief specialist of the district executive committee Elena Paniznikova, the director of “Svislochremstroi” Vasily Dulub and the director of the private enterprise “Volomir”, Vladymyr Sevko.

The main goal of the forum is to develop effective mechanisms for integrating the Grodno region into the international economic space, to look for business partners, to intensify investment activities, and to strengthen economic, cultural and humanitarian ties between the border areas. Reality shows that the forum is an effective platform for exchanging opinions, establishing new business ties. 

International Business Forum "Euroregion" Neman-2018


International Business Forum "Euroregion" Neman-2018


Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus Yury Chebotar spoke about the investment climate that developed in our republic.

- The Grodno region is a dynamically developing region. The unique geographical position, rich resource base, developed transport, logistics and industrial potential, as well as a rich tourist infrastructure attracts more and more international attention to it.

Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister of the Republic of Belarus Alla Lomakina stressed that agrarian business is also interested in proposals for cooperation at the interregional level and it is ready for the implementation of mutually beneficial investment projects.

The participants of the forum were also greeted by Consul General of the Republic of Lithuania in Grodno Genadijus Myackelis, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Grodno Yaroslav Ksinzhik, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Brest Igor Konyakin. Belarus and Grodno region in particular are linked with these countries by long-standing successful partnership relations.

After official communication, the forum participants started to sign documents of an international character. As expected, the economic effect that the region will receive after the Euroregion Neman-2018, will be about 200 million dollars. Hardly anyone will be able to say that there is NO GAIN in such meetings.


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