The regional environmental forest festival "Gamonyats pushchy belaruskiya” (+ video)
16:38 21 Августа’18

The regional environmental forest festival "Gamonyats pushchy belaruskiya” (+ video)The festival morning welcomes citizens and the guests of the city with hot sunlight, open microphone on the main stage in the city park and the quiet fuss of the latest preparations. At midday on the area near the count’s spire, the hostess of the holiday Nature warmly greets all the participants of the regional environmental forest festival "Gamonyats pushchy belaruskiya ..."


The performance of the military band of the eleventh Special Guards Mechanized Brigade from Slonim is a good curtain-raiser before the main action, which soon takes place in the city park.

In the meantime, the festive column, led by the hostess of the festival Nature with her retinue, goes along the main streets to the city park named after Count V. Tyshkevich. The column includes the cultural workers of the Svisloch district, which are bearing the emblem of the enviromantal festival - the mighty bison on the background of the Belarusian forests. There are also representatives of the local authorities, guests from the regional center, the delegation from the Republic of Poland led by the vice-chief of the Gaynovsky Poviate, Yadviga Dombrovskaya, the delegation from the Republic of Latvia led by the Chairman of the Rundale Regional Duma Aivaras Akmanis, Director of the Forestry Enterprise "Volkovysk Forestry" Vitaly Bely, Deputy Director of the Kamenets District Executive Committee Denis Shpak. Also should be mentioned the staff from Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Pruzhany forestry enterprise and the participants of the loggers competition, representatives of the regional committee of natural resources and environmental protection of the Grodno region, creative teams from the Kamenets district, Pruzhany, Volkovysk, Shchuchin, Slonim, Lida, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Latvia.

A precious melody sounds on the main area. The chairman of the Svisloch district executive committee Vladimir Onishchik together with the deputy head of the culture department of the Grodno regional executive committee Snejana Kuratchik are invited to greet all the guests.

Vladimir Onishchik points out that the main task for our generation is to save and multiply all the good and valuable things that we managed to accumulate with a help of a careful and respectful attitude to the forest also it’s important to transfer this experience to the descendants. The murmur of the forest in Belovezhskaya Pushcha should regale the ear even after hundreds of years.


On behalf of the leadership of the Grodno region, guests and participants of the festival are greeted by Snezhana Kuratchik. She notes that this holiday raises important environmental problems. What is done in Svisloch district for us, people, is invaluable, because in the age of plastic and polyethylene, the forest is a very important source of health and ecological well-being.


Aivaras Akmanis regards our wood festival as a rich environmental heritage which Svislochcitizens leave to the descendants. The cooperation between our administrative centers has already been developing and strengthening for six years and it cannot but rejoice.

The vice-chief of the Gaynovsky Poviate, Yadviga Dombrovskaya, rightly states that there are three "elements" in the world - sea, mountains and pushcha, which people should bow to. The last, which name is Belovezhskaya Pushcha, has united our countries long ago. People's consciousness is changing, and today a lot of us understand how important it is to value the status of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Yadviga Dombrovskaya thankes the citizens for the invitation and their hospitality and hopes that the cooperation will continue.


The playground "Gastinaya lesnichouka" is very interesting for a lot of spectators. In the morning, the forestry enterprise Pruzhany invites all the participants of the festival. They organized their mini-area, where visitors were treated with juicy pears and apples, hot drinks and pies. There is also a fresh honey.


Pruzhany citizens bring the most interesting exhibits from their own museum: stuffed birds, fish and animals.

Representatives of the Pruzhany forestry enterprise, Svisloch RUP Housing and Utilities, Svisloch branch "Grodnoobltoplivo", Volkovysk forestry enterprise, National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" demonstrate their professionalism, dexterity and skills. Before starting to work with chainsaws, the fellers are instructed and tossed. After that, the installation of the chains is carried out, and they begin to cut logs and branches, to saw the vertical pillar.


The winners and participants of the competition are rewarded with cash and stormy applause for the spectacular performance.

A good mood is supported by the performance of the creative teams of the Svisloch district and the guests of the city. There one could find hunting and fishing trophies, photo-zones and photo exhibitions of hunting features of the past centuries.

Educational institutions and organizations of the district are located on the ecological area. There are a lot of beautiful thematic compositions from various stuff. Many fairy-tale characters are made of plastic bottles, paper, wood.

There is a real paradise for children: inflatable trampolines, carousels, electric cars, entertainment programs, competitions, circus performance and charming ponies.

"Gorad maistrou" attracts all the people, everyone could find here products made from straw, beads, wood, textiles, leather, ceramics.

Maria Kuletskaya - People's Master of the Republic of Belarus - came from Pruzhany together with her colleagues from the House of Crafts. She and her colleagues brought their amazing paintings, along with souvenirs made of straw, flax, wood, woven belts.

It is much fun on the themed area "Pushchanskiya padworki". Fairy-tale hosts greet everyone, offer to taste refreshments and healing drinks, play unusual musical instruments and participate in the game program.


Holidays are gone, but memories remain.


Eugenia Senkovets:

– I came to the festival from Lutskovlyany. I have known about the festival in Svisloch from my husband's relatives. The event is wonderful, and what a wonderful concert! I like all the areas, and especially the hunting area, where they treat me with shourpa. We plan to stay here until the evening, because we cannot often visit such festivals.


The holiday ends with disco.

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