On August 18, Svisloch welcomes the participants and guests of the regional environmental forest festival "Gamonyats pushchy belaruskiya” (+ schedule)
13:15 31 Июля’18
  • On August 18, Svisloch welcomes the participants and guests of the regional environmental forest festival "Gamonyats pushchy belaruskiya” (+ schedule)


  • Karl Marx square 

    12.00-theatrical procession of the festival participants from the central square to the City Park.

    City Park
    Main area

    12.30-the Grand opening of the festival;
    - theatrical composition " Zapavednyi napey»;
    - a concert of Belarusian star Gunesh Abasova with show-ballet;
    13.30-18.00-concert organized by the teams from Latvia, Poland, Grodno and Brest region;

    13.30-18.00 - all the participants and guests of the festival are invited to the thematic areas:

    "Hunting area” - the hunting features of 18-19 centuries in photos and theatrical performance, a photo zone, an exhibition of hunting trophies and fishing tackles, cooking a special dish;
  • “Environmental area” – the visitors can see photo galleries, photo exhibitions, presentation of national registered territories of Grodno region with video demonstration, exhibition-herbarium of medicinal herbs "Tips by the herbalist Sophia”, informational composition "Birds and animals of the Bialowieza region", horse yard "centaur "(demonstration program, horseback riding, photo shoot etc.);

    "Hospitable house" -the most spectacular for spectators and Amateurs will be a professional competition of loggers from Grodno, Brest region and Poland. The competition consists of six different nominations, including a master class on wood sawing by professionals;

    “Masters’ City” – you’ll find the exhibition of different goods, master classes on woodworking, willow weaving, straw weaving, pottery by the craftsmen from Grodno and Brest regions;

    “The Pushcha's backyard” – you'll see themed exhibitions, concert, games, game programs by Amateur teams from Svisloch and the National Park “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”;

    The Vernissage platform is a creative workshop on the reflection of nature, animals and birds of Belarusian forests, master classes for children and adults.

    Evening schedule:

    19.00–20.30 – performance of Belarusian pop stars: pop-folk group “Lyalki Corporation”, Alyona Lanskaya and show-ballet “Feeria”;

    21.00-concert and entertainment program with the participation of pop artists. Disco.

    During the holiday there will be children's attractions, shops, exhibitions-sales, games, competitions. The professional competition of loggers from Grodno and Brest region will be very unusual and unique.

    ** The schedule can be changed.

    For information about places for trade contact the Department of economy of the Svisloch district Executive Committee.

    Tel. 8(01513) 3-52-72, 3-30-23, 3-37-78.

    For information about placement of attractions, trade crafts, Handicrafts call 8 (01513) 3-34-82, 7-02-57, 7-02-58

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