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08:27 06 Июля’18

There are not so many holidays in the village, when it’s a hot summer and people have a lot of field work. Nevertheless everyone rested in agro-town Pacui some days ago. Adults and children, residents of the agro-town and numerous guests had a wonderful opportunity to go back to the past and plunge into the atmosphere of the Soviet era. Everything was possible thanks to a super-Megadrive retro-fest "And what do we have in the yard?” which was held for the second time.


The highlight of the program was a theatrical procession "Back to the USSR". It was opened by the smallest participants, those who do not even imagine what is it - the Soviet Union.

Then the young Octobrists appeared on the area. Children convinced everyone that the Octobrists in the USSR were very good at the sport, as they showed a bright performance.


The pioneers were met with thunderous applause. To exchange a star for a pioneer tie was a dream of every pupil. To the sound of the drum roll and the horn, the guest of honor – the head of the Department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs Irina Pavlyuchenia – tied all the pupils.


Then the school waltz sounded, and  many guests remembered their graduation party with а warm sadness.

They also remembered the moment when the whole village sent the guys off to the army, and how impatiently they were waiting for their return.

In the end there was a parade of Soviet-era equipment.


The holiday continued with the performance of the clown-animator. The children participated in games and competitions with a great pleasure.

An unforgettable impression was left by a parodist Dmitry Bulanov from Grodno, who gave an energetic performance.

The best singers from Zelva, Volkovysk and Svisloch districts gave everyone a great mood.


Leonard RADIONIC with his son David and niece Mariam:


- Everything is great. I like this event, especially the retro cars parade. I couldn't but come here. I grew up in Pacui, it is my homeland. And my niece is from Qatar. Now she lives in Minsk and prepares for the children's Eurovision.



- I liked the artist performances.



-As for me I liked shooting gallery more.


A lot of interesting thematic platforms were working during the festival: “Games of our yard games”, “Soviet buffet”, “USSR Wedding”, “Hunter and fisherman glade”, “Pioneer camp” and others.


The event ended with a big retro disco.

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